Deal or No Deal Slot

This is the popluar Deal or No Deal Slot game based on the studio game show Deal or No Deal. It is a millionaire maker, paying out over 4 million in prizes every day and one lucky winner won over 1.9 million.

The first screen that you get is one asking for the coin size that you wish to play with:

Deal or No Deal Slot

We choose to 5p option, you then get to play the game, we notice there is a fantastic jackpot on offer :)

>Deal or No Deal Slots


How to Play Deal or No Deal Slots

You need to look at the Paytable by clicking on the sign in the top right corner of the screen to see what combinations pay out and how much.

You then have to choose your lines, which can be done in various ways. You can choose the numbers down each side of the screen, you can click the "bet one" to add one line at a time, or you can "bet max" to enter the bonus game, but this selects all of the lines for you. When you are ready you click the spin button.

We choose line 1, spin and we win 15p for a 5p stake. A good start :) So you play in the usual way that slots operate. How does the Deal or No Deal theme work then? Ahh, found it; look at the second page of the paytable, there are all the details of the bonuses if the DOND Box symbol comes up or you land the banker who will make you a mystery offer. You can play for the Progressive Jackpot, but to do this you have to "bet max" on each spin.


So, fingers crossed, lines chosen, lets hope for a bonus box or an offer from the ever mysterious banker.

Deal or No Deal Bonus Round

If you land three Deal or No Deal Bonus Symbols, you get to play a full Deal or No Deal game with the banker, just like the studio game. One of the boxes contains the Jackpot, this could just be your lucky day.

Other Bonus Features

There are other bonus features too, like the mystery box game and Banker Makes You an Offer, so there are pleanty of exciting bonus features in store, making this slot very exciting to play.


Worth Playing?

Yes, packed full of bonus features. If you want a chance of winning some big money prizes and love the exciement of chasing a big win, but be prepared to bet some of your own money in doing so. Click on the banner to try it for yourself: