Deal Or No Deal Bingo

This bingo game is by the well known bingo giant, Gala Bingo. The graphics are fantastic and playing experience is better that the usual platform that most of the other bingo providers run on.

This game can be found at Gala. Sign up for an account via Gala Bingo banner below. (they dont just do bingo, but loads of other great games too :) )

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This is a 90 ball bingo game with a bonus feature of playing Deal or No Deal for the winner of the full house. There are 4 prizes available in each game, 1 line, 2 lines, and full house. The 4th prize is for the featured Deal or No Deal game.

How Deal or No Deal Bingo is Played

For each ball that is drawn, if there is a corresponding box number then that box will be opened and the cash amount removed from the board. The full house winner will be given the option by the banker to keep an amount of money made in his offer or to swap it for the amount of money in the Players Box.

Massive Jackpot also on Offer

If the game is called in 42 balls or less then the Jackpot kicks in. The full house winner will take 50% of the jackpot. The remaining players will all receive a proportion of the remaining 50% depending on how much they staked.


Finale - Deal or No Deal?

Once the full house prize has been won, the lucky winner also gets an offer from the Banker. He or she must decide whether to take the money on offer or to call "No Deal" in the hope that the mystery box contains a larger amount of money.

All of the players in the game are then asked to vote on whether the winner should accept the "Deal" or not. He or she then has to make a decision.

Our Verdict

Fast, fun and very exciting. For the prizes on offer this is a real good value bingo game, with the added thrill of the chance to pit your wits against the banker for an even bidder prize.

Worth Playing?

Yes definately 10/10 one of the best bingo games around :) Click on the banner above to get yourself a Gala account and try it for yourself. Gala have a massive 300% Welcome Bonus too.